Open Source Routers and Openwrt

John Marrett

Introduction - Why?

Why Run Open Source Firmware?

Introduction - History


Introduction - History


Introduction - History


Firmware Options - Sveasoft

Firmware Options - DD-WRT

OpenWRT - History


OpenWRT - General Info

Recent Developments

X-Wrt Money Shot

Linksys WRT54G Hardware

For v1 through v3 the WRT54GS offered 8MB of flash and 32MB of Ram, a substantial improvement over the WRT54G models of the time.

Other OpenWRT Hardware

WRT54G Switch Layout

There are a number of different internal layouts, depending on the specific product

Interesting Projects

  • Software
  • USB
  • Hardware

Interesting Projects - Software

You can do some pretty incredible things with a few software settings changes

Interesting Projects - USB

A router with a USB port enables a number of interesting applications

Interesting Projects - Hardware

For the serious hacker only, these projects involve physical modification to the router

Questions / Router Hacking